Soft Tissue Grafts

Soft tissue grafting is another form of periodontal plastic surgery used to stop gum recession that is occurring due to disease or tooth brush trauma and to restore the lost gingival to more normal contours.

Root surfaces, that become exposed as a result of prior disease, can be temperature sensitive, difficult to clean, more prone to further recession, and make your smile unattractive. These areas of gingival recession can be covered with new tissue by use of periodontal plastic surgery.

Soft tissue grafts can rebuild the tissues, restore them to health, retard further recession and improve the appearance of your smile.

Combining regenerative soft tissue grafts with control of the factors that caused the original recession can enhance your smile and confidence in you appearance, improve the health of your teeth, make eating more comfortable, and promote long lasting periodontal health.

Severe gingival recession exposed the root surface and caused sensitivity
After grafting the gingival tissues are restored, healthy, and the sensitivity is reduced.
Trauma and disease destroyed the bone and tissues causing this ridge deformity
Soft tissue grafting was used to rebuild the ridge and improve function and appearance