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Twin Oaks Periodontics offers both Surgical and Non-Surgical therapy. Please choose from the link below for more information.

Non-Surgical Therapy

Following an examination to determine the type and extent of your periodontal disease, non-surgical therapy is used to start treatment.

Non-surgical therapy usually includes thorough removal of the bacterial plaque and calculus (tartar) from the teeth, instruction in proper plaque removal, and possible use of antiseptics and local or systemic antibiotics in severe cases.

This usually involves 2-4 appointments of scaling & root planning (also called deep cleaning) to be effective. After a suitable healing period, 1-2 months, a reevaluation examination should be performed to determine how effective the non-surgical therapy has been in stopping the disease process. While non-surgical therapy can be very effective for early to moderately involved sites, it may not resolve the more severe sites which may require some form of surgical therapy.