Regenerative Surgery

Periodontal disease destroys the gingival tissues and supporting bone around the teeth. As the bone is lost, the teeth become loose and ultimately will be lost if the bone loss is not stopped. In some cases, regenerative procedures can be used to re-build the tissues destroyed by the periodontal infection.
These regenerative surgical procedures usually involve an incision to expose the infected area, removal of the disease causing bacteria and calculus, preparation of the root surface and bony defect for grafting, and placement of grafting materials that will aid your body in re-growing the desired tissues and bone. The grafting materials used may include natural or synthetic bone, barrier membranes, and/or growth enhancing proteins which promote healing. The goal of these procedures is to restore your periodontal health and enhance the supporting structures around your teeth. Your periodontist will discuss the best options for your particular situation.

Bone defect due to periodontitis is present on the left of the tooth
Grafting has led to bone fill and decreased pocket depth